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Primary Election August 30th



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Republican Candidates on the Ballot - Lake County Republican Party

Florida Primary Election August 30, 2016

Early Voting August 15-27, 2016

U.S. Senate

Carlos Beruff -

Ernie Rivera -

Marco Rubio -

Dwight Young -  dwightyoungforsenate2016


U.S. Representative District 6

Fred Costello -

Ron DeSantis -

G. G. Galloway –


U.S. Representative District 11

Justin Grabelle -

Daniel Webster -


 State Senate District 12

Dennis Baxley –

David Gee –

H. Marlene O'Toole -


State House District 31

Theo Bob -

Jennifer Sullivan –



Peyton Grinnell -

Andres Obregon - andre.obregon.9

Daniel Sells -


Supervisor of Elections

Margie Eaton -

Alan Hays -

Michael L. Holland -


County Commission District 1

Mike Levine -

Tim Loucks -

Tim Sullivan -


County Commission District 3

Wendy Breeden -

Jimmy Conner -


County Commission District 5

Josh Blake -

Welton G. Cadwell – email:


Water Authority District 3

Diana Mullins -

Gregory Scott -


Water Authority At Large Seat 1

Keith A. Farner -

R. 'Butch' Hendrick -


Republican Party State Committeeman

Douglas Duerr -

Ralph Smith -

Randy Lee Van Alstine -


Republican Party State Committeewoman

Elise A. Dennison – email:

Patricia Sullivan -


County Judge Group 2

Ben Boylston 

Jonathan Olson

Cary Rada 

Judy A. Stewart

Brian Welke 


School Board  District  2

Pernell Mitchell -

Sandi Wells Moore -


School Board  District 4

Lou Buigas -

Sandy Gamble -

James Myers -


These are known Republican candidates on the ballot. The Lake County Republican Executive Committee has not taken any action in the affirmative to certify, recommend or endorse any candidate.




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