Chairman's Remarks

Remarks before the Lake County Republican Executive Committee (REC) - May 24, 2016


My Fellow Lake County Republicans,

Do you think the Lake County REC should have an impact?

Do you think the Lake County REC should be significant?

Do you think the Lake County REC should be important?

Did you know that the Lake REC IS the most important REC in the country? That’s right!

According to Mike Ertel, the Seminole County Supervisor of Elections, there are five swing states in the US.  Florida is the largest with twenty-nine Electoral College votes. We all know that South Florida will go to the Democrats and North Florida will go to the Republicans. So basically, the I-4 corridor will determine the results of the 2016 Presidential Election. Which I-4 corridor counties have the highest voter turnout? Lake and Seminole, with Lake edging out Seminole by about 3 percentage points in the recent Presidential Preference Primary. So, LAKE COUNTY will determine who the next president of the United States will be.

Although we have had recent success developing republican candidates for office, tonight, our party is divided and diminished.

We are divided between “Cruzer’s” and “Trumpster’s”, North Lake vs South Lake, Conservatives vs Establishment and the REC vs incumbents ----- and as Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand”.

We only have 71 of 488 possible precinct positions filled which is only 15%. We only have 40% of Lake’s 104 precincts covered.

So what do we need to do? First we need to remember that we are all Republicans and need to work together in a concerted effort to defeat Hillary.

Next, we need to unify the members of the Lake REC by keeping open minds and we need to grow our local party so it can have the impact we need to accomplish our mission of electing committed, conservative, Republican officials through a strong representative executive committee and an educated electorate.

But we don’t just need warm bodies to fill the seats of the Republican Executive Committee. Oh No! The people that occupy these seats need to have a certain set of core principals.

They need to acknowledge our creator, have love of country, respect the rule of law, promote fiscal responsibility,  the sanctity of life, capitalism, energy independence, a strong national defense, constitutionalist judges, minimum taxes, traditional family values, world competitive education, less government, entrepreneurship, 2nd amendment rights, secure borders, property rights, diversity and national sovereignty.

But ONLY with the work and dedication of ALL REC MEMBERS can we elevate Lake County Republicans to the preeminent party we are supposed to be, to have an impact and to be significant.


Thank you.

Walter B. Price, Sr.
Lake County Republican Party


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